Painting new cedar shingles.

Ron asked 6 years ago

The southern side of our church has cedar shingles which were installed in 1955. They are split and the paint is peeling. We have attempted to patch, brush and paint this siding over the years but the shingles are in bad shape and we plan to install new cedar shingles.

The question is what type of primer do we use and how should we apply it? We thought it made sense to have the shingles dipped in the paint before it is shipped by the manufacturer (we believe this is possible). The lumber yard where the shingles are to ordered felt that the “shingles wouldn’t breathe if that was done. Painters have said that the primer should be applied to the back of the shingles before installation and then paint the rest of the shingles after installation. Different brands of primer have been recommended. After all the expense to purchase the cedar shingles, felt paper, nails and the labor, we want the paint to last. Please let us know what type of primer to use and how it should be applied?

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