Painting Old Plastic Wall Paneling In a Bathroom

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago

Is there paint that can cover old wall paneling in a bathroom? It is an old plastic paneling that we do not want to remove. Would rather just paint over it.

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Crowder Painting answered.

The key to painting your paneling is the preparation and the primer. Any good interior 100% acrylic, satin or semi-gloss, will work great.

Prep Suggestions for Good Adhesion

1) A Really Good Clean. The paneling must be truly clean before anything else can happen. You can go ahead and use a strong cleanser and scrub pad. Rinse everything very well with fresh clean water and allow to dry before continuing.

2) Sanding Or Roughen the Paneling. Use 180 grit sand paper and sanding sponges to dull the surface and help create a good mechanical bond for the primer. You can hand sand where needed and use a palm sander where possible. Lightly wipe the paneling with a damp rag to remove the dust.

3) Use a Good Primer. A good all purpose 100% acrylic primer will stick to the paneling. I recommend Zinsser 123. Allow the primer to dry overnight before painting.

Anonymous answered.

The panels are embossed in a brick-like pattern with a random design of flowers with a plastic finish . When pierced, the underneath part looks like tar paper. The panels are installed in a mobile home bathroom

Crowder Painting answered.

If you want to paint the paneling use the above for reference. The only difference for your paneling is don't do any sanding and use an oil base primer. For the cleaning use TSP (trisodium phosphate). This will not only clean the paneling but etch it for a better bond of the primer.

After the prep you can use any good acrylic paint.