Painting Options for Garage Floor

LC asked 6 years ago

I am about to paint my garage floor and would like to know what paint and process you recommend.

The garage floor is approx. 30 years old and the current paint was done by the prior owner (we are here 14 yrs).  The paint is missing in the typical areas (under tires, by door, etc.) but the paint otherwise looks stable and no peeling.  There are some old stains from oil.

I am not worried about tire pick up (we plan to put a car mat down) but would like a a light gray color and a somewhat glossy finish.  I’d prefer not to have to etch nor use a primer, if at all possible.  We did the Trapped-moisture test and had no moisture after 24 hours.

I’ve read about 1-part epoxy paints (like Dry-lok’s E-1, Behr’s Concrete and Garage Floor Paint or Seal Krete Epoxy-Seal) and Latex-Acrylic Floor paints.which are cheaper but apparently don’t last as long.  What type of floor prep do I need to do and what product would you recommend?  Oh, and if possible, we will likely want to add flakes.

Thanks in advance!!

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

You should CLEAN the floor first using TSP and warm water, and a grease remover for the areas with grease… then use a high grade 1 part Epoxy Floor Paint, following manufacture’s directions… do ALL of the floor and wait 1-2 weeks before driving on it with warm-hot tires… SEE My Page On This: //