Painting Over Kilz Oil Base Primer

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Connie asked 10 years ago

Can I use a water based paint over an oil base primer?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Most definitely! Oil based Kilz primer can be painted over with any type of paint after 1 hour with good drying conditions, 65-75 degree temperatures and good air circulation. Very porous surfaces can absorb more primer and will need a little more time.

If you wait a minimum of 2 hours before painting you shouldn't have any problems.

Anonymous answered.


Hi, we put oil based Kilz in our apartment 3 weeks ago. I'm sick to my stomach every morning and have headaches. Any suggestions?

Crowder Painting answered.


If the fumes are still lingering around you will need to aggressively ventilate the entire apartment. This will take several hours. Use fans to help pull in fresh air from the outside.

Also if you haven't painted yet, go ahead and get a coat of paint over top of the Kilz. This will seal it and stop the fumes. Most good acrylic paints are low or no VOC now so you won't have a problem with paint fumes.

Anonymous answered.


Mornin'. I just read that a half an onion face down in a sauce dish of about 1/2 inch of water will kill the fumes and not leave the room smelling like onions either – the bigger the room, the more sauce dishes with onions you use. I primed the paneling yesterday in my bedroom and I have not been able to sleep even with all the windows open and 2 cans of Fabreeze. Although, I'm a few brain cells short now (lol). I do plan to try this trick today and I decided to do the office with the water based – I'm just renting the hole. I will let you know if this works…after I take a nap. Also, I read to light scented candles…i highly discourage this since even the fumes can be combustible.

trooper answered.

Our son was priming the walls in his room with oil-based Kilz last night and ended up doing only one wall as the fumes circulated all over the house and thankfully woke my husband up. I had mistakenly bought oil-based Kilz. A few ideas as you use this product…

1) Just use regular KILZ – NOT Oil-Based.

If you MUST use this product:

1) VENTILATION is IMPERATIVE! It took hours of staying awake in the middle of the night with the windows opened and fans going to get the fumes manageable enough to start closing windows and go back to bed.

2) Do not use this product in the middle of a summer day when you cannot open windows in the house.

3) I would not recommend lighting scented candles. I wouldn't strike a match. I'm serious the fumes were so bad, it was scary.

4) Oil-based paints are 99.9% less forgiving if you drip or spill them on a surface other than for what you intended. Water-based paint is your friend.

5) Just plan on throwing away your roller or paint brush or anything that comes in contact with it.