Painting over misc. tag work?

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Mari Boyce asked 9 years ago

How would we paint over black & red colored sharpie markers, black spray paint and black paint? My brother destroyed a room we would like to paint and use as a nursery. My husband used about 4 cans of Kilz primer. But the tagging just keeps leaking through. Please help. I don’t want to use wallpaper. And I don’t know what else to do.

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Toby answered.

I would try B-I-N primer from Zinsser it's a shellac based primer that is tinted white. I haven't found anything this stuff won't cover up.

It still may take two coats to completely seal in the Sharpie, and dark paint, but I think it will work for you.

The B-I-N has a very strong alcohol smell so it's very important to have good air circulation when using it, trust me I won't make that mistake again!

Hope this helps.