Painting Over Semi-gloss Paint

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Norma Gross asked 10 years ago

I want too paint my house. Inside, the walls have semi gloss paint on them. Know I want to change colors to a natural color. What do I do to prepare for it? I am using eggshell paint this time.

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MagicDave answered.

The most important thing is to use a High Quality Paint like Sherwin Williams Classic-99… no priming is required to an already painted surface except if you make small spackle repairs, then just spot prime them using a pigmented shellac primer… learn how to roll properly so you can cover the semi without leaving "peek thrus" … let the surface set up after rolling for about 10 min, then double roll back over it adding more paint as you go… using "egg shell" or whatever type of sheen finish is not a problem here… it's your ability to apply the paint properly… using proper tools… see some of the many other posts about this subject at this site… always read thru other posts before asking questions… chances are your question will have already been answered… Good Luck!