Painting Over Wall Murals

Traci asked 10 years ago

I want to know how many coats of primer do I need to cover my wall murals? I’ve painted Dinosaurs in my son’s room (and sports themed in my others) and the colors that I need to cover up are black, burgundy, hunter green, etc. (dark colors for the sports room too).

I’ve covered it so far with one coat maybe a little more than that and I can still see the image, do I need to totally block it out? I’ll be painting one of the walls red and the other walls a silvery-grey (with different sports murals later on – he’s older now).

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

One coat of primer is enough to seal the surface and get it ready for paint. Paint covers much better than most primers, so go ahead and start painting.

The red will be the most difficult to work with. It will take the most coats, probably 3 or more. Use a flat first coat for the best coverage then use your preferred sheen for the remaining coats. The same idea will work well with any difficult paint color.