Painting perforated aluminum soffit.

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

My 30 year old house has brown perforated aluminum soffit. I would like to repaint the soffit a color that goes better with the current body and trim colors. My problem is that normal latex house paint would fill the perforations (small round holes covering the majority of the surface) when brushed on. I don’t have the equipment or experience to spray the paint. What type of paint and what techniques can I use to paint the soffit without filling in the holes?

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

This is one time where "dry brushing" is a good thing.

The term "dry brush" refers to applying too little paint on a surface from basically a dry brush. Normally this is a bad thing. In your situation, this is your best option. If you are not in a position to spray, then start brushing.

You will need to apply 4 coats to achieve satisfactory results, but the results will be worth your time.