Painting red brick foyer tile.

Sherry Hunter asked 10 years ago

We have a red brick tile that is old and spotted, with grey stained grout, We want to paint over it with a sponge look to try and give it more of a marbled look. Then put a high glaze on top that will hold up like the Home Depo floors or Lowes. How do we do that? It is a 5 X 6 ‘ area.

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Use a typical "Epoxy Floor" paint (these are Epoxy-Based and usually 2-part mixing is required, altho there are some new 1-part Epoxy paints available now) and follow the label directions… most importantly CLEAN the surfaces first, using steel wool and lacquer thinner… if you want a "sponge look" apply the paint with a suitable type applicator (a sponge)… then after about 5-6 days, while avoiding any foot travel… you can apply any typical urethane floor sealer… however it really isn't necessary for durability… the Epoxy drys and cures (over 5-6 days) to a super hard, durable finish… Good Luck!