Painting Red With White Trim on Barn

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Stephanie asked 9 years ago

We are painting a barn, classic red with white trim. I think we should use a primer tinted half way to the red in order to get good coverage. Now what about the white trim x’s on the doors? What is the best way to mask/paint those without getting the red paint on them?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The primer is a good idea, but it won't make too much of a difference with coverage. Try to use a deep toned primer tinted as close to the red as possible or a dark gray. Plan on two coats of paint over the primer. Two coats of paint will help with the longevity of the red.

As for the white paint, if you use a quality paint tinted to high hide white (extra titanium added) you will get good coverage over the red. But, I would still use two coats of the white for complete coverage. You will see the red bleeding through especially around the edges with the first coat. Also two coats of white will ensure the longevity of the paint job.

Anonymous answered.

Paint the whole barn?

So we should paint the whole barn with the tinted primer, then 2 coats of red paint, and then paint the white trim over the red? Or should we mask the trim? I plan on painting just the top side of the X's on the doors, and probably use a roller. We are using an airless sprayer on the rest, since we have the underside of the large overhang to paint, and that is worth renting the sprayer by itself!

Crowder Painting answered.

Prime the entire barn, it could probably use it anyway. It will help the red last and then paint two coats of the red. It will waist time and materials to mask the trim, so plan on brushing or using a mini-roller on the trim. The mini-roller with fine weave cover will work for the x's with a little brushing.

I would do this in the most efficient way possible. The time masking the trim is better spent painting the trim.

Anonymous answered.

One thing I learned is that although the local hardware giant might have good prices, it's hit and miss with experts in the paint department. The barn soaked up the primer, causing a second trip to the store for more.

I found that the first person who tinted the primer could have used a primer made by the same company as the paint and we would have ended up with it tinted much closer to the paint color. As it was, we ended up with a pink primer for the red paint. The good news is that the red color (2 coats) is just like I pictured it, and renting the sprayer the right option. We now only have to paint the trim.