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Bill asked 10 years ago

My project is painting lots of windows 3-4′ wide and 6-8′ tall(6″ trim), doors (6″ trim) and base molding (8″ and 10 “) in a 100 yr. old house that currently has semi gloss paint.

Are there any primers that really work where they state you can prime over gloss paint without sanding first? Valspar makes a multipurpose Primer #173184 White that makes that claim. What do you think? Do any other companies make primers that make that claim? Otherwise there is just an extreme amount of sanding then priming and painting. I am trying to work with a budget but would rather cut back on labor.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Many manufactures make the claim "Will stick to glossy surfaces without sanding". The only primers that I use in this situation are from Zinsser or XIM. Zinsser's Cover Stain and 123 acrylic are both very good and XIM 400 series primers will stick very well. Both companies have primers that are tintable.

I never used the Valspar primer so I can't say if it will work or not.