Painting skylight wells, alcoves and an irregular ceiling

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M'liss Hinton asked 7 years ago

I have questions about ground rules surrounding how to paint deep skylight wells, recessed alcoves and an irregular cathedral ceiling. Specifically:

  1. Should deep skylight wells be painted the color of the walls (a popular greige) or left white?
  2. In alcoves on either side of a floor to ceiling fireplace, should all sides of the alcove be painted, i.e., top, sides and back?
  3. For an irregular cathedral ceiling, I’d like to share a photo of the ceiling lines to demostrate how I need help knowing when to leave the ceiling white and when to paint the greige color. If you’re open to my sending a photo, please let me know.
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Crowder Painting answered.
  1. Skylight should be painted same as the ceiling.
  2. Alcoves, yes these should be painted.  A possibility is to use an accent color if it will look good.
  3. Sometimes vaulted ceilings can be a “pain.”  Generally, wall color on all vertical surfaces with horizontal surfaces getting the ceiling color. 
  4. Photo’s can be inserted into an answer using the image icon, third from the right.  Or contact the site using this form-