Painting Stair Railings

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

It was originally white, but my dad painted it teal. It’s been a couple of years now, and I want it to be back to it’s original colour. How should I start? What are steps that I should take from now to achieve my goal? I’m a first-timer so I really don’t know what to do and where to start? Should I peel the paint off, peel the paint off and paint over it, or just paint over it? Thanks…

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Crowder Painting answered.

The first step is to clean off any grimy finger prints and the like. Any good household cleaner will work. Once that is done you need to remove any peeling paint and do the repairs is needed. Repairs could be fixing broken pieces of wood or patching areas that have split. After the repairs are done I recommend priming the entire set of railings then painting with an acrylic paint.

Anonymous answered.

my contractor painted our stair case but the paint is very rough to the touch. is there supposed to be a gloss finish or lacquer over the paint to make it smooth? 

Admin answered.

If this is the stair treads, it is possible your contractor added an anti-slip additive to the paint, this would make it feel like sandpaper.  For the walls it must have been the existing substrate (wall surface) that was rough or something in the paint. The only way to smooth it out is to sand down the existing paint to a smooth surface and add a new coat.  A clear coat can be added over top but this would do little too nothing for the roughness.

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