Painting Technique Question

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I am redoing my bathroom. I want the bottom half of my walls to look like the beach (sand) and the top half to look like the ocean. I have already purchased a wallpaper border that looks like an ocean wave and that will go between the sand and the ocean. How can I paint my walls to look like the beach on the bottom and the ocean on the top? Is there a specific technique. I would be willing to texturize.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Paint can look like beach sand by stippling 1 or 2 colors over a base coat. This would be a light tan with a darker tan mixed with glaze stippled over it. A third darker color can be added (stippled) for a varied effect.

An alternate approach would be using a faux sand paint. This can also be used for the base coat for a textured feel with the stippling on top.

The 'ocean' will take some experimenting to figure out. Painting water will take artistic expression and some skill. Here's a video that shows <a href="">how to paint water on walls</a>.