Painting Varnished Doors

Debra W asked 9 years ago

Do I need to sand previously varnished doors before painting them?

I am painting the interior doors of my home. The house is 55 years old and the doors are the original blond color that was popular in the 50’s. I have already sanded two of them and am having trouble with a yellowish stain bleeding through the primer. I have done several coats and the stain still shows.

I sanded and painted a bedroom closet door and did not have this problem. Should I not bother sanding and just paint? It sure would save a lot of time!

3 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Instead of sanding you could use a liquid sander like Paseo. it will degloss and clean the surfaces of the door. A light sanding is a good practice as it helps the primer adhere, but with the yellowish stains it might be best to use the liquid sander.

You could also try a different primer. I like a stain blocking oil base for this type of project, Kilz Oil Base or Zinsser Cover Stain will work.

Anonymous answered.

Varnished interior doors.

I have dark varnished interior doors (hollow) and would like to paint them white. Has anyone else tried this? I would love to see before and after photo's.

Anonymous answered.

I don't have a photo, but can tell you as a mother, that white doors will show fingerprints, etc. Think twice before doing it.