Patching doesn't match?

Jessie asked 10 years ago

I am moving out of a rental property and removed temp hooks which have ripped off the paint. Visited local hardware store with patch of paint ripped off wall and they match the colour exactly.

I have put a spakle on and aloud time to dry (2 hours as advised). I have sanded it with a fine sanding block and applied a coat of paint. It looked much darker once dried so I applied another coat of paint and it still doesn’t look like it matches. I have let it dry, I can completely rub all over it and not a bit comes off. Any advice?! It’s about palm sized if that helps.

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

You cannot expect it to match… you need to repaint the whole wall…

Anonymous answered.

Color might match but most likely the sheen is off, this will cause the difference you notice. First, ask if there is any touch-up paint available. If not you can try to burnish the spot by rubbing it with a soft cloth, this might tone down the sheen. Worth a shot.