Peeling Kitchen Paint

Linda J. asked 10 years ago

I primed my kitchen walls with an oil based Kilz, it was more than an hour actually days before I painted the walls with a water based paint/primer Behr paint. Now where my chairs hit up against the wall the paint has peeled off. How do I go about removing the paint so that I can repaint with an oil seeing the water based is not working? Is there a product I can buy for this or is there any other solution? Thanks

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Most likely it is taking the Behr paint a while to cure and stick. This isn't the best paint on the market and has issues. If the problem continues you will have to repaint. Contact Behr directly if the adhesion problem doesn't improve.

Removing the existing paint won't be easy. Hot hot water and a scrubbing sponge might loosen and remove some of the paint. If some doesn't want to come off that is fine. Simply reprime, patch any ugly areas and repaint with a good acrylic. Any of the good major brands will have good paint; Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Devoe, Pittsburgh and Kwal are all good brands. Go to your local paint store for specific paint recommendations (not a hardware store).