Peeling paint on cabinets.

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Lori Ramsey asked 8 years ago

I just painted my cabinets and the paint is not sticking well – it’s easily coming off when wiped and peeling. I used a latex paint and primer in one. The girl at the paint store said maybe I had oil based paint on the cabinets but I have no idea. How can I fix this?

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MagicDave answered.

Well here's another example of why NOT to use the "paint & primer" junk that has recently come onto the market… it's strictly a sales gimmick… a separate primer is ALWAYS required before painting (if priming is in fact required)…

So now… how to FIX your mistake! … Sand lightly all surfaces, dust clean… prime them using a Pigmented Shellac Sealer-Primer (paint stores or Home Depot)… then finish coat with a High Quality (Sherwin-Williams Classic-99) acrylic.. color of choice but use a satin or semi gloss sheen…

All Paints take a full 2 weeks to CURE Hard…

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