Peeling Paint

Jane Albertelli asked 10 years ago

I’m putting a second coat of paint on the walls and it started to peel or gum up why would that happen and how can I fix it?

3 Answers
JT Creations, LLC answered.

Jane, more information would be most helpful in answering your plea.

What type wall surface. Sheetrock? Wood? Plaster?
What type coating. Latex? Alkyd?
How old was the previous paint job?
How long dry time between coats?
What room. Bath? Kitchen? Hall?

All these answers may seem insignificant, but we will be more accurate in the diagnosis with them.

Anonymous answered.

How do I cover up paint that is peeling off of sheetrock when I try to spackle it

Crowder Painting answered.

You will need to scrape off the loose paint then spot prime before applying the spackle.