Peeling Paint

Cathy asked 10 years ago

I painted my kitchen with Behr’s Ultra semi-gloss which has the primer included. When I removed painter’s tape near ceiling, a huge area of paint peeled off the wall. I left the blue tape on for one day (too long). How can I repair the area that peeled off? How can I prevent this from happening again?

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

To fix, you will need a little drywall mud. Fill in, skim over, the area and sand when dry. This will hide the peeled paint edges. Now you can touch it up with your paint.

I have noticed that this paint, and other like it, are harder to use. Most likely you didn't need this type of paint. Personally I think paint-n-primer is a gimmick. All paints are self priming over the same type of paint. The only exception is old hard oil base or epoxy paints.

In the future you will need to remove the tape sooner, with in an hour should work. Or carefully cut along the tape edge with a razor blade then remove. Experimentation on your part will be needed to find the perfect time to remove the tape.

Also, try to use the tape as a guide and not a shield. This will limit the amount of paint on the tape.