Peeling trim and door paint.

Anonymous asked 6 years ago

My window panes/trim, baseboards, and doors upstairs are peeling where the previous owners painted over the existing paint. The paint scratches off in places and soapy water removes some as well in rubbery strips. Either the under paint is oil based or they didn’t de-gloss the surface of an acrylic gloss paint. I believe it’s the later.

If the under paint is acrylic is there a primer that would bond the two layers together so I don’t have to continue sloughing off the top paint. It’s a tedious and tiring process, but I found a latex paint remover for fabrics, upholstery, and carpets that does a decent job with a wire brush and wet rags. It took three weeks to remove paint, prime, and repaint one bedroom. I have three more to go and am looking for a miracle. Do you have one please?

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