Pink streaks on newly painted bathrrom walls and ceiling?

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Melissa asked 10 years ago

We recently had our bathroom painted and now whenever someone showers, the steam causes pink streaks to run down the walls. Is this mold? If it drys it becomes sticky. I use a dry Swiffer on the ceiling and walls when I get out, but it won’t stop. Can you tell me what it is or how to stop it?

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Crowder Painting answered.

I don't think it's mold. Most likely what you are seeing in the binder resins in the paint and a little tint. This could be caused by using a low quality paint, a paint color that has a lot of tint (deep or bright color), subjecting the paint to moisture before it is fully cured or any combination of these things.

At this point all you can do is repaint with a very good sheened paint, satin or semi-gloss, and choose a lighter color. It is important that the paint be allowed to fully cure before introducing high humidity and moisture. Full cure could take 2-4 weeks. The best way to guard against this problem is reduce the humidity during and after showers by vigorous ventilation.

Anonymous answered.

There are ceiling paints that go on pink while being painted so you can see it. When it dries it turns white. The moisture in your bathroom is causing it. It's not mold.

Anonymous answered.

I have white powder looking streaks that go down my walls. I hate it. We used a type of paint that had primer already in it. And made sure it was a bathroom paint. It is a fairly dark paint. Hunter green color. I wipe them off and they come back after showers. Drives me nuts. I don't know what to do either

Crowder Painting answered.

Most likely caused by low quality paint. I never use paint-n-primer type of products for this same reason. You will need to prime the streaky areas with a good stain blocking primer then repaint with a good paint, Sherwin Williams Super paint or equivalent.