Please help with a botched ext. elastomeric paint job!

Questions & AnswersCategory: Elastomeric Paint QuestionsPlease help with a botched ext. elastomeric paint job!
Angela Dugaud asked 9 years ago

I would be most grateful if you could advise me with any option(s)regarding a botched exterior elastomeric paint job.

We live in a 80+ year old masonary stucco home. Over time cracks developed as well as peeling paint. Our general contractor hired a painting company to paint our house. Prior to the job starting we had several discussions with our contractor and the owner of the painting company to express how much we liked the old world character/charm of our home but wanted the major cracks sealed and the masonry painted. What we got was a heavily raised “pebble/popcorn” like finish that makes our home look like something you would find in a cheap new construction stucco home in Fla.

How do we get it off(process?)and can you recommend someone in our area that has the experience with older masonry stucco homes, etc. Note: The painter did not use a primer and it peels off easily when you break the surface with a fingernail…Please advise. Thank you

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Crowder Painting answered.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone in your area, can't help there.

Removing the applied coating could be a lot of work. The safest way is to physically scrape it off. It's possible some of the coating could be removed with a pressure washer. Both of these removal methods could cause serous damage to the existing substrate if done improperly.

They can be combined. First washing then scraping. If it comes off easily now, as you indicated, then using the pressure washer should remove a bunch. Scraping can be used for areas that are well stuck to help smooth them, remove the rough pebble like texture.

There isn't a clear cut answer. It depends on the coating. The more it's stuck to the surface the less likely it will come off.