Polyester Paint on Cabinets

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Alvia Golden asked 8 years ago

I have kitchen cabinets that are peeling. The mfr has told me they were painted with “white polyester paint.” After I sand-paper the peeling surfaces, how do I repair the paint. Is there a primer I should use? What kind of primer and paint do I ask for? How many coats do I use? Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you in advance for your aid and comfort.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Sand everything smooth paying special attention to the peeling areas. Clean everything to remove the dust and now use a good stain blocking oil base primer. A good acrylic semi-gloss paint can be used for the finish but an oil base is better. Go to your local paint store, not a hardware store, and ask for their best cabinet paint.

It will take one maybe two coats of both primer and two or more coats of paint, depends on application method.

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