Porch Turned Milky

Harris asked 10 years ago

We painted our porch. Noted some dull areas a few days later. We applied a second coat of black paint. It rained that night and now that area has turned milky white. How do I fix this?

2 Answers

Moisture was trapped in the paint, causing "hazing." This may fix itself, if given the opportunity to dry out. If, within a week of dry weather, the milky-ness hasn't gone away, simply repaint. If you used an oil based paint, be sure to lightly sand & wipe away the dust with a rag dampened with mineral spirits. If a water based paint, clean the area to remove any dust or dirt.
Good luck!

Anonymous answered.

We called the milkyness BLOOMING in Australia. You just need to let it dry and recoat it, in dry weather conditions. Make sure you apply it mid morning.