How to prep and paint c.1910 cypress clapboard siding?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Painting QuestionsHow to prep and paint c.1910 cypress clapboard siding?
Louise Golden asked 7 years ago
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Crowder Painting answered.

First, test for lead.  If none is found then scraping and sanding to remove all loose paint is needed.  If lead is discovered then different methods are needed; no sanding and wet scraping must be used to reduce the dust levels.  Covering the ground with heavy plastic is also a must.  Check out the Lead Based Paint category or consult with your local paint store for full instructions.
After proper prep a good primer should be applied.  Bush and roll is best as this helps to fill cracks and wood pores.  Spaying both the primer and paint is possible with backrolling.  Caulk large cracks and corners but don’t excessively seal up the siding, is needs to breath.  Overall prep is the same for all types of siding.