Preparing the walls for paint after removing wallpaper?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Wallpaper QuestionsPreparing the walls for paint after removing wallpaper?
Judy Cookson asked 10 years ago

We have removed two layers of wallpaper and want to know how to wash the walls in preparation for priming?

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Roll up some tarps or other water absorbent material along the wall base, get buckets of hot water- as hot as you can safely stand- and some TSP or glue remover from Sherwin Williams. Start washing, it might take a while you have to get all of it off prior to priming. When you feel the wall you will feel a slick like substance, that is glue. Keep going till you do not feel that. Best of luck.

MagicDave answered.

First block sand using a coarse grade paper… then prime with ONLY Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… washing beforehand is a wasted effort and does no good…