Pricing a job for painting paneling?

Questions & AnswersPricing a job for painting paneling?
D Dunn asked 10 years ago

What is a fair way to quote painting over paneling in rooms that are 20 x 32 with 8 ‘ ceiling and 30 x 34 with one wall 18′ tapered to cross wall of 14′? The 14’ wall also has 16 small windows running across horizontally six inches below the roof. Panels are all smooth but he only wants verticals filled where joined and a undecided rail board to cover where the panel joint meets horizontally. He is providing everything for job only wants us for sanding, primer, some filler and 2 coats. Any suggestions are appreciated as my wife and I are just starting out our business and haven’t ran across this application before. Thank you.

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Crowder Painting answered.

The best way to figure out the cost for this job is time+materials. How much time is needed for the prep, priming and panting? Spraying will be a great time saver but will require some extra materials (masking). The time saved easily offsets the little extra labor for masking whatever needs covering. Of course you need to own a sprayer or rent.

These are some of the considerations you need to take into account when biding any job. If you get the job and also get inventive with saving time and labor then that is money in your pocket.