Primer peeling off new greenboard

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Betsy asked 5 years ago

We recently added a 3 season sunroom and the wall that backs to our home was converted to green board. I patched, sanded, and wiped down the drywall. Then I primed it with Zinnser 123. A week later, I used blue painters tape at the bottom of the wall to prep for painting the baseboards. When I pulled up the painters tape, several strips of primer also came off. It looks fairly thick and like sheets of primer might pull off if I mess with it. Can I patch, sand, and reprime the affected areas, or do I need to pull on the paint and see what happens? How can I fix this? I appreciate your advice. I just learned how to paint my metal door from reading a different post from you. Many thanks! Betsy

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MagicDave answered.

First of al,l you should have primed it with Pigmented Shellac, which provides a moisture barrier… then instead of using tape to help in brushing, you should take the time to learn how to brush, which does not require taping… SEE my webpage here:
so now you probably should rip off the tape, then Spackle any rough areas using good Spackling Technique, look here:
and reprime it with the Pigmented Shellac Stain Sealer… Look here:
and finally be sure to use a high quality finish coat acrylic paint, like Sherwin Williams or Behr…
Good Luck

MagicDave answered.

First of all You should have used a different primer, the water base one that you used was insufficient… use a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… next You should NOT use ANY tape to aide in brushing… instead learn how to “cut” a line without taping… so now try spot priming the needed areas with Pigmented Shellac after repatching them (if needed) SEE My SITE For Help:
Good Luck!