Primer won't stick to the walls ?

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David Kane asked 10 years ago

I’m painting over previously painted walls. While trying to prime, and keep a “wet edge”, the primer comes off with every other stroke of the brush. It’s just not sticking to the walls. I washed the walls with an aggressive cleaner and sanded with 80 grit paper to give the walls some “tooth”, but neither the primer OR finish color sticks to the original latex finish.

This seems like a common problem but I’m baffled. Is there a super heavy duty cleaner OR another product that can be applied to the walls to solve this problem? I’ve already tried three different primers with the same results. What do you think? Can you help me? Thanks

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

You need to get a local dealer involved soon. If you purchased the primer from a "warehouse" type retailer, return the product and seek professional advice.