Kirk asked 10 years ago

How many coats of primer should I put on? I am painting pink walls white.

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Technically, you only have to prime if you are changing different types of paint. Example, from an oil base paint to a water based paint. Or, if there has been repairs to your walls. If your walls are in good shape and clean, you could go ahead and apply 2 coats of your white paint.

It could take more than two coats if the pink is very bright or your white paint has little or no tint (a bright white). It also depends on the sheen and quality of the paint.

MagicDave answered.

The main thing is to use a High Quality Paint, like Sherwin Williams Classic-99, pink is a difficult color to cover… I would simply apply a "wash coat" first using the finish coat paint, let it dry 1 hr, then finish coat to cover, all assuming you are using Acrylic Paint (latex)