Problem with Contractor Applied Tex-Cote

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Steve asked 10 years ago

Should ship lap siding be caulked on the bottom edge? What happens if it is? We had our house painted by a company that was very unprofessional. Contract stated 2-3 weeks took 7mos. Painted 4 times. They caulked every bottom edge of the siding. The product used was Tex-Cote.

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Crowder Painting answered.

I've never applied Tex-Cote and can't say what the recommended sealants are or where they need to be applied.

It is my view that a home can be sealed to tight. This can trap moisture inside the walls and cause rot or mold problems. It happened some years back with EIFS systems, "synthetic stucco" over rigid foam. The homes were sealed so tightly that major mold problems happened, sick home disease. This problem has been fixed by creating channels that draw away the water.

It is possible that Tex-Cote requires this level of sealing. And anything less would void any warranty offered.

7 months to paint a house is excessive by any standard. You need to contact Tex-Cote about your problems with this contractor and make sure the job was completed correctly.

Anonymous answered.

Which company? We were thinking about getting texcote done with elite home energy.