Problem With My Elastomeric Paint

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Ian asked 6 years ago

I had my exterior stucco painted with elastomeric paint, apparently an acrylic blend, in December of 2005. Last summer I began to notice a few small thumbnail sized bare spots with primer exposed on the south sun-drenched wall. A few months later in October, I noticed more, and larger, areas of exposed primer around the northeast corner of my house, especially knee-high and below. I have not actually found evidence of paint chips on the ground.

My general contractor and I have been at odds as to what is the best way to fix the situation.

They propose:

Based on the recommendations of Dunn-Edwards we will pressure-wash to clean the surface of dust or dirt, allow it to dry 1-2 days depending on weather, and recoat the surface with 5 gallons of elastomeric paint to be provided by Dunn-Edwards. In order to avoid any weather issues we will follow the Dunn-Edwards Representatives suggestion and wait until May/June, when we can be certain of warm/dry days.

Note they aren’t proposing to re-prime the entire stucco surface nor applying two layers of elastomeric. Also, note he’s paraphrased their recommendations without providing any official letterhead from the company.

What recommendations could you provide for me as to how to best handle this from a painting perspective?

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