Problems with elastomeric paint?

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Richard Chavez asked 10 years ago

Does elastomeric paint cause moisture issues from a stucco house not being able to breath?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Elastomeric paint, like any coating or sealer, can slow down the movement of moisture out of exterior walls. Generally Elastomeric coatings breath better/more than regular exterior house paints.

If you are experiencing moisture problems start looking for the source and have it fixed. Generally, paint won't cause a moisture problem but could make an existing problem worse.

Anonymous answered.

Elastomeric paint is definitely less breathable a coating. You must make sure you have caulked all areas where water can get behind this coating. I live in a climate that receives rain for weeks at a time thru-out the winter months. I have had more success with a 100% Acrylic Latex premium paint…and much less expensive also. Elastomeric is good when your stucco is old with numerous hair-line cracks…but it must be applied – thickly to work well.