Problems with painting over bright yellow paint.

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Dorman asked 9 years ago

We painted a sage green paint color over our bright yellow walls. We used 3 coats of paint but the room has turned out looking like a baby blue! Is there any way to fix this?

Every green paint shade that we have tested doesn’t look right on our wall. We just decided to use one coat of primer and we’re going to repaint the wall with 2 coats of the sage green again. After the one coat of primer, you can still see some of the “blue” showing through. Is this OK to use just one coat of primer?

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Crowder Painting answered.

You should apply two coats of primer to "kill" the blue background color. Many interior primers can be tinted to approximate your finish color. This is usually about 50-60% of the final color. Primer doesn't take tint the same as a paint. This will make your painting a lot easier.

An alternative is to use flat paint as your first and possibly second coat tinted to match your finish color. Good flat paint covers well and can seal up the old color.

Go ahead and put another coat of paint on and see what it looks like after it has dried for a few hours.