Re-paint on Elastomeric Paint

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Lilibeth asked 10 years ago

I’m a QC Officer in a manufacturing company of roof tiles here in the Philippines…I would like to know if it’s possible to re-paint elastomeric paint? We have many stocks of product with certain color of elastomeric paint but we don’t need this color anymore. That’s why we are thinking to re-painting it with other colors that we need.

We tried to re-paint it with our present color application (mixture of color pigment,water,sand and cement) but we encountered problem in adhesion.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Yes, you can repaint elastomeric paint with another color of the same type of paint. Make sure the surface is clean, dust and dirt is removed. No priming is necessary if a good quality elastomeric paint is used.

Anonymous answered.

Re-paint on Elastomeric Paint

Yes you can repaint your roof tiles previously painted with another elastomeric paint. Make sure the old paint is well adhered to the main substrate (the roof tile). You have to roughen the surface of the old paint by sanding, wire-brushing or any abrasive tool to allow the new paint to adhere well.