Re-Staining a Fiberglass Door that's had some of its original primer removed.

John asked 5 years ago

So here is my problem. I tried staining my new fiberglass door, using gel stain, in cold wind. The result was horribly blotched. After a lot of searching, I decided to remove the stain and try again fresh. I used CitriStrip spray, plastic bristle brushes, a lot of elbow grease, and a little pressure washing to help return the door to its original, unstained state.

Now, my door looks pretty much like it did new except for one important thing; the thin primer that was originally on the door has been partially removed, more so in some areas than other areas.

I want to restain my door, but I’m worried that applying gel stain to my unevenly primed door will give me uneven results. I think I should re-apply some primer, but I have no idea what kind of primer I need. Do I even need to worry about the primer, or will several applications of the gel build an even amount of color?

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