Refinishing a Oak Table that has Danish Oil Finish

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Paul C. asked 10 years ago

I have an oak table I finished with danish oil 15 years ago. I want to refinish it with danish oil again but I’m confused about how to get the old oil off. Should I use a chemical stripper (if so what)? Or can I just sand it down and reapply (if so can I hand sand or do I need a power sander)? Thanks.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Usually sanding is all that is needed. The extend depends on how thick the oil is, lots of coats over the years or just a couple. Try hand sanding using 150 grit an see how it goes. You can use 120 grit for the first sanding to speed things up but you will need to progress through 150 to 180 or 220 for the final sanding.