Refinishing a screened in porch deck.

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I have been asked to re-do the floor of a screened-in porch. It had been previously painted and an acrylic coat put over that. Would I have to sand it to re-paint or can I prime then paint. Also, what would you charge for this project. It is 14X24

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MagicDave answered.

You failed to indicate what the floor is made of… wood, cement, tile etc.

You said it had been painted… what paint? Oil or Acrylic? You said "an acrylic coat" put over that… how do you know that? And what was the sheen, flat, semi or gloss? And what is the current condition of the top coat? Solid, chipped, peeling, blistering etc.

Please resubmit your question and indicate these important facts, before we can accurately answer your question!