Refinishing Interior Doors

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

We are refinishing our old 5-panel wooden doors throughout the house (they are currently painted with numerous layers of paint). We use a heat gun to get most of the paint off, and then follow up with a chemical stripper to get the rest of the paint especially along the inlays where the trim meets the inner panels.

A few of the doors, we only used the heat gun. We then primed the surface with water-based primer and then latex paint. Now, on all of the doors we’ve done, the paint is starting to crack, or separate, in spots, right where the trim meets the inner panels. Usually this starts to happen in less than 3 weeks after we’ve finished the door. We have a few doors that only have primer on them and even that is starting to crack right along the trim line, as in the other doors. We have tried two different primers, but both of them are Zinnser and both are water-based (one is a primer and sealer). I know the tops and bottoms of the doors are not sealed in any way and wonder if this is allowing moisture to get in, causing the wood to expand and contract?

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