Reliabilt smooth finish fiberglass door.

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Linda asked 10 years ago

I jumped the gun and painted door without sanding or using a primer. I also had to close door as had to leave house. When I opened of course the edges had marred. I then rubbed with finger and started to peel . It looks like I could peel off like you would a blister. What should I do??? I’m upset to say the least.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Peel away. Areas which do not readily turn loose might be encouraged to do so by applying some duct tape to the paint, allowing to sit a few minutes then puling. Works for me.

Prime with a bonding primer, your local independent paint dealer should help, then paint with 2 coats.

Try removing the weather (gaskets) strips while allowing the door to dry. This way you will be able to leave the door closed and locked between coats. If you have questions as to how to remove them, ask the door supplier.