Remove only polyurethane and not ruin original wood finish.

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Bob asked 10 years ago

I have some wood furniture that was stained when I bought it and I applied polyurethane to it recently. I do not like the polyurethane finish I put on and am wondering if there is a way to only remove the polyurethane and leave the original stain intact?

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Crowder Painting answered.

This will be a little tricky but doable. Don't use the strongest paint/varnish remover you can find, at least not at first. Also experiment on a hidden area. You will need to know the dwell time so only the polyurethane is removed and use fine or ultra fine steel wool.

One possibility is to use a strong solvent to loosen the finish. Chances are 50/50 this will work and it could make more of mess but if you have some lacquer thinner or xylene handy give it a try. You will still need some steel wool for this method.