Removing Dry Gel Stain From a Fiberglass Door

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Leonard asked 8 years ago

Painter did a very poor job using a gel stain on a very expensive fiberglass and leaded glass door. It looks pretty bad and I would like to remove the stain and have it redone by someone that knows what they are doing. Is it possible to remove that botched up job and, if so, what does one use to remove the stain?

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Anonymous answered.

I have heard that the lacquer thinner can melt/damage the fiberglass door. Have you encountered this problem?

Anonymous answered.

It depends on the door, not all fiberglass doors are equal. I have used lacquer thinner before without any problems but it is always best to use fiberglass safe paint stripper.

Anonymous answered.

The door has been stained by a painters last year. Now it is weather beated. I had light sanded the door and apply gel stain to the door and it came out two shades of stain light and dark. I would like to remove the gel stain and redo the whole door. Can you tell me what to do and what can of stain remover to use. Attach is a photo of the door.

Crowder Painting answered.

Dad's Easy Strip or 3M Safest Strip are 2 I use when they are available at my local supplier. Peel Away is another brand I use but isn't always available to me. Paint strippers designed for fiberglass car parts or boats will also work but could cause damage to some fiberglass doors. If you know the door manufacture get in touch with them and ask for recommendations.

Always test the stripper on the hinge edge first to make sure it is "truly" safe for your door.