Removing Emulsion From Walls

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Nikki asked 10 years ago

I am having problems removing emulsion from walls I want to repaint. The reason I need to remove it is it is peeling off and is very stretchy in texture. Some of it has peeled off in foot long strips, but getting an edge by fingertip scratching has become very tedious and some bits are stubborn.

It is on newly plastered walls that were then sealed. It was the second layer of paint a couple of years later that seems to be the problem as the top half of the walls remain sound with the one and only original coat. It is as if the two different paints on the bottom (under border) have reacted with each other?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Unfortunately, there isn't a easy way to remove paint. You could try using a stiff wide putty knife to lift or scrape it off. Also, it is possible that simple very warm water could help loosen it from the bottom layer.

It is strange that this layer is having problems. The good part is that any paint that won't come off can actually stay. Do your best to remove the loose and peeling paint, then prime the affected areas with a quick drying oil based primer. Now some drywall mud or spackling paste can be applied over any ugly paint edges, sanded smooth, spot primed then painted.