Removing peeling and blistered paint from exterior house siding.

Jake asked 5 years ago

With respect to removing peeling and blistered paint from exterior house siding, I have a comment and a question.

It is often really hard to get off the old paint with a scraper alone. Lots of paint patches are left that are not firmly attached, yet the scraper doesn’t remove them completely. Even after vigorous scraping, you can still go back and pick off small edges of the old paint so the adhesion of the new paint is not going to be great. But getting off that residual paint will take forever with hand scraping.

You recommend power sanding for such situations and I agree but the resulting dust and particles produced are dangerous to the worker (me) and the environment (ground, plants, air quality in area including neighbors, etc). Even tarps and covers can’t be totally effective. It seems to me a power sander with a really good, built-in dust collector would be the best solution.

Here’s my question: Does such a tool exist? What is your experience with such tools?

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