How to repaint blistered ceiling?

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I have recently had my lounge ceiling plastered and repainted. The plasterer used quick drying plaster and completed the whole job, plastering, mist coat and two additional coats, within 24 hours. He noticed pimples in the paint and thinks it may have been because the ceiling was too warm (not sure how or why that would be?) The finished ceiling looks worse than before the job was done but he says he’s never know this problem in 20 years and isn’t sure what caused it and how to correct it without it happening again. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation of any replies…

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MagicDave answered.

Plaster needs typically 2 weeks to cure properly… “quick drying” plaster is a ruse… Get your money back and hire a real pro drywall man… Good Luck!