Repainting a fiberglass picnic table.

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Kerri TImmerman asked 10 years ago

Is there a particular sandpaper/product to remove the old paint and smooth out the fiberglass? What type of paint and what kind of application? ie..brush, spray, etc.?

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Possibly the only Timmerman with whom I have had contact which is not a relative.

Now, to your question. Sanding fiberglass is tricky as the fibers will not be your friend. Check your local paint dealer for a correct primer and finish for your area. I would use an acrylic primer with an acrylic house paint finish. Spaying will give you the best smooth finish but with patience a good brush will help produce an admirable job. Be sure not to work in direct sunlight. Makes the paint dry too fast.