Repainting house that has been smoked in, heavily.

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James asked 10 years ago

We are moving to a home just over 2000 sq. ft, and a heavy smoker lived there before. Stinks to high heaven. Lots of recommendations on how to get rid of smell paint-wise (Kilz comes up a lot), but am wondering what suggestions this group has in this regard. We are removing and replacing all flooring as well.

Also, have painted before but it’s a big job so not sure I want to tackle it in a time-sensitive job – based on the square footage I’ve listed here, what should I expect for a labor quote to do this, that isn’t completely ridiculous? We are in the Spruce Grove area in Alberta.

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Anonymous answered.

First, wash everything you can to remove as much nicotine as possible. This includes walls, trim, doors, etc. You can use a no rinse TSP solution or something like Simple Green, the TSP will do a better job.

Kilz is a good primer for this job. At this point it is best to mask off everything and spray on the primer and main paint color. Easier to do.

I don't know what the going prices are in Alberta but if it was local to me you would be looking at about $1.50 per sq/ft on the floor or $3000 for labor. This is a ball park figure, tough to give any more without seeing the actual condition and amount of work.