Restaining Already Stained Wood

Charity asked 10 years ago

I would like my kitchen cabinets a different color. I am looking into possibly painting or just restaining.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

It is possible to <a href="">change the color of your kitchen cabinets with gel stain</a>. Since your kitchen cabinets are already stained and finished, a standard wood stain won't be able to penetrate. Most wood stains a very thin and will not preform well in this situation.

A gel stain will work as long as your desired color is darker than the existing stain color. Another consideration is how your cabinets are finished and what kind of wood species they are made from. The gel stain needs the texture of the wood grain, this allows the gel stain to "flow" around the grain and fill any exposed pores.

I have refinished many kitchens using this technique and they all look great. But, it isn't easy.

Use Old Masters Gel Stain and a good clear finish for protection. Experiment on the back of a door or purchase a new door from your local home improvement center that closely matches your existing cabinets, both color and wood species.

If you decide to give this idea a try, use the following procedures.

1) Remove the doors and drawer fronts.

2) Clean all surfaces with a mild soap and water. Allow to dry completely.

3) Lightly sand with 180-220 grit sand paper and fine sanding sponges.

4) Wipe everything with a liquid sander, I like Paso.

5) Apply the gel stain with a soft white china bristle brush.

6) Brush in one direction only and use small amounts of stain at a time. Multiple coats of the stain can be applied as long as each coat is fully dry.

7) Allow the gel stain to dry for 24 hours then apply a clear protective finish. Varnish or Polyurethane is fine.