Roller Lines After The Paint Has Dried

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Jim asked 9 years ago

Why can I see each roller line after the paint has dried? I am using a Benjamin Moore Pearl paint and have given the room 2 coats. When the sun hits the wall, I can see each roller line. I have tried using less paint as well as more paint on the roller and have blended the areas well.

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Crowder Painting answered.

The most likely cause is the way you rolled the paint and you have either no texture on your walls (smooth) or very little. When a paint, especially a quick drying acrylic, is rolled the roller nap leaves a slight stipple. This stipple has a different pattern when rolled up verses down. This difference can show up with a sheened paint like Benjamin Moore Pearl.

When painting smooth walls it is best to "back roll" in a downward direction. Example – Apply your paint in the typical manner, up and down, then drop back and re-roll the section (without rewetting the roller) in a down only pattern. This usually takes care of a roller marks. Applying paint in this manner works best when the paint is applied thickly and not allowed to dry too much before re-rolling.

Also, if the paint is drying too fast add either Floetrol paint conditioner or a splash of water. This also helps reduce roller marks.